15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free.

15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free

15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free. Music is integral to our lives. Because of the perennial love for music among us, we have been spectators to the mushrooming of plenty of music websites on the internet with advancements in technology. Many of these websites allow you to download songs and albums for free.

However, you have to make sure the websites you resort to are safe to use. Almost all music websites don’t allow downloads of music albums free of cost. Also, a few of them support inferior quality interfaces and provide confusing redirections.

So, if you are keen on getting full music albums downloaded for free, here is the rundown of the 15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free.

Download Music Albums Free – 1.Jamendo

In current times Jamendo has earned a great deal of popularity as far as music lovers are concerned. It is an excellent website that enables you to download complete albums free from its vast reserve of songs and other forms of music.  Jamendo boasts of a collection of over 37,000 music albums. Moreover, it allows you to select the music of your choice besides downloading or streaming full albums in a flash.

It supports a distinctive setup that segregates the service into two classes, namely:

  • Jamendo music for your personal use, available on the web, Android, and iOS
  • Jamendo Licensing meant to license available music

The website empowers artists to upload their songs on Jamendo Music. This facilitates users to listen and find out the music of their likings. You can save songs in MP3 form on your desktop or mobile devices.

Jamendo also comes up with integrated radio stations where songs can be played and downloaded simultaneously.

One good advantage of using Jamendo is that the platform offers many monetizing opportunities to music artists via commercial Jamendo licensing.

Jamendo offers the most recent and trending hit numbers by your preferences and mood. Moreover, it provides an absolutely easy-to-operate and highly interactive interface. Also, you can look for the music of your choice by making use of its search bar or simply clicking the homepage Start button.

This allows you to gain access to an abundance of music of various categories and genres. But, to download and directly develop a playlist, creating an account is mandatory.

Download Music Albums Free – 2.Mp3juices

It is one more highly sought-after music site that offers free download across a wide-ranging selection of devices. Mp3juices enables its users to download music in both audio and video forms all through the internet.

As far as videos are concerned, it allows converting its corresponding audio into MP3 through a straightforward process. You must type learn on the search box and click on the enter button to begin the conversion.

Even though the music downloading interface of the website is not quite interactional, the platform offers extreme ease of use.

In Mp3jucies, you can further convert music into MP3 form. It lets you download the complete albums easily. Furthermore, you can track down the music by typing its name on the search bar on the home page. Moreover, the website allows you to trace the best fits with their complementary music resources right away.

Mp3juices also facilitates effortless downloading of music straight from YouTube simply by MP3 conversion. The music streaming platform is totally ad-free, just like websites that offer premium music download options.

It grants you the ability to safely download music without needing an additional sign-up, thereby making the ideal choice for MP3 music downloads.


ReverbNation is the music website that made The Civil Wars, Imagine Dragons, and Alabama Shakes famous. These bands launched their music on ReverbNation and gained unprecedented recognition.

They shared their creations for free and amassed a loyal fan following. It is a standout amongst the best-in-class music download sites – all for free. It comes up with a brilliant selection of genres. However, their collection is acclaimed chiefly for pop, hip-hop, and alternative music.

Presently, the website boasts of serving a cumulative of almost 4 million artists, music labels, and users. It provides an excellent user experience by facilitating access to music lovers to its captivating catalogue.

To explore further, you can sift through the “Discover” section of the website. It lodges an impressive variety of downloadable audio songs.

Download Music Albums Free – 4.Bandcamp

Bandcamp is the oldest music website. It has been able to consistently retain its popularity among music enthusiasts all across the world. The company was launched in 2008. It gained lots of recognition in 2010 when mainstream artists started selling their music albums.

The platform authorises an artist to upload music and set a price for sale in physical albums, digital music, and merchandise.

If you are on the lookout for something suitable, the artist may give you the option to pay at your convenience. The music is available with no minimum price tag. So, you can purchase the song free of charge and have it downloaded to your computer.

But, you may be asked for extra information such as your email address to include the music in your Bandcamp collection.

The website empowers artists in adding their creations to their corresponding Bandcamp profiles so that music lovers can listen to the tracks online or purchase them for digital download. Here, you can download music in various file formats, such as the following.

  • MP3
  • AAC
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • FLAC
  • ALAC
  • WAV
  • AIFF

However, there are still a few available albums that you can download free of cost. It would be best to look for tags such as “Free” or” Free download” to do that. Bandcamp also necessitates the creation of an account for downloading full albums.

Moreover, if you buy music, the platform entitles you to view the lyrics or gift the album.

Bandcamp offers an eye-catching interactive interface. Also, the content is deftly unified with the homepage so that music fans can effortlessly find out appropriate content by using different filters such as “All,” “Best Sellers,” and more.

In Bandcamp, artists enjoy the privilege to upload their music just as a perk. The search box helps you access a plethora of music genres and download them without paying a single penny.


It is a great website where you can download full albums for free. Stereokiller enjoys a sizable database with the following credentials.

  • 9,921,846 songs
  • 48,835 brands
  • 12,358 reviews
15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free

Stereokiller’s website interface is superbly designed, clutter-free, and offers easy navigability. Users are exposed to an eclectic assortment of music genres, for example, metal, hip-hop, hardcore, EMO, etc., by stereo executioners. In addition, it features the songs and albums of the newest and top-rated artists.

In contrast to other music websites, Stereokiller also makes the most of a bustling music community of music lovers. So you can start conversations with like-minded people about your favourite numbers and make friends as well.

You need to have an account on the website to access your preferred music and download complete albums. For accessing Stereokiller’s free download section, you need to go to the “FREE DOWNLOADS” section on the top and check out the latest music and albums of your choice to download.

Download Music Albums Free – 6.Audionautix

Audionautix is one of the most famous music websites primarily because of its massive database containing various albums for free download purposes. In addition, it has got the fabulous, latest music collection that you can either stream online or download. 

Most websites offering melodies allow you a free download of your prized songs based on genres. One thing that distinguishes Audionautix from others is its music that is not just available in different categories and genres.

It also propels your pursuit for the right music based on two more personalised factors, such as your state of mind and the beat. So, it proffers a “Mood” section that in turn allows you to choose music following your current mood.

The section is classified into the following emotional characters:

  • Smooth
  • Epic
  • Cool
  • Melancholy
  • Calming

As far as genres are concerned, Audionautix comes up with a “tempo” section where the music is grouped based on speed, such as fast, slow, or medium. The website interface has an attractive structure. Besides, the interface is pleasantly intuitive with a long list of options and a comforting user experience.

The vast, eclectic mix of songs supported by the Audionautix interface is one of the main reasons for the website’s immense popularity among users worldwide.

7.Free Music Archive (FMA)

FMA is conceived and launched by a community of several radio stations. Free Music Archive serves users by downloading free music and utilising it in different creative works with licensing from Creative Commons.

In addition, FMA allows users to discover new forms of music by looking for them in its sections, namely specific genres, curated collections, and trending music. In FMA, you can listen to a song online or have it downloaded in the form of an MP3 file.

Over time FMA has garnered extensive popularity among its users. Its archive boasts of various genres of songs such as:

  • Classical
  • Old music
  • Evergreen
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Hip-hop

You can click on the download option beside each song and add it to your personal library. Furthermore, the interface of the website is thoroughly organised, easy to use, and clutter-free.

FMA comes up with navigation and search bars that are self-explanatory and help you consume less time to find the right music.

In addition to the several genres to select from, FMA facilitates you to choose even movies by simply typing its name on the search bar and download it subsequently.

Furthermore, each category is broken into subcategories such as last week, last month, and all-time favourites. You can opt for music suitable to enliven your mood.

Thus, it is perfect for people searching for music websites with a wide-ranging array of high-quality, free downloadable options.

8.Songs Lover

Songs Lover is popular mainly because of its valuable features an eclectic collection of music and albums. You can’t stay away from the website if you are keen on downloading music albums free of cost.

The design of the website is well-conceived and helpful. It is also straightforward to use. Moreover, it puts forward many good, convenient features that users can make the most of to download their favourite numbers.

For instance, Songs Lover provides the choice to select and download the songs that top the charts every month or every year. This saves a lot of time and effort to search for chartbusters and download them.

Furthermore, the website has a built-in music downloader for notable albums such as Wedding Songs, Karaoke Songs, etc. Plus, the website enables users to take the help of keywords or the initials of the albums to access music of their choice.

The website is categorised in diverse sections such as the following:

  • Latest albums
  • Latest tracks
  • Mixtapes
  • Best of the month
  • Top 100

This also allows you to download videos and lyrics as well.

Download Music Albums Free – 9.Public Domain 4U

The website allows you to download music albums and songs for free and offers an all-inclusive music solution. As the name suggests, the website offers music for public consumption and not for commercial purposes.

Public Domain 4U boasts a huge integrated music library that lets you ferret out music from your favourite artists and genres. It comes up with an extensive playlist collection of the latest bestselling albums.

15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free

The website’s structure is very user-friendly and renders a clear picture of how to navigate through it and download the chosen ones. It allows easy music exploration based on various categories such as

  • Classical
  • Folk
  • Instrumental
  • Jazz

Apart from permitting you to download music for free, Public Domain 4U furnishes helpful information about the Top 10 songs of all times. In general, the platform will surely appeal to your preferences if you are smitten with old quality music.


All audios, songs, and music albums published online and officially are present and can be downloaded from the BeeMP3 website. It is one of the most reliable sources with a powerful search engine to look for free downloads of your favourite music albums from any genre absolutely free of cost.

BeeMP3 allows free usage and song download without the need for any registration. The website’s interface has a neat, interactive design that makes it effortless for users to find their preferred songs and artists.

15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free

The website’s landing page displays a music collection of Top 20 songs and Top 20 artists to track favourite songs and their subsequent downloads easily.

In addition, the website supports a search option with the alphabet. Also, there is a noticeable search button for easy search and download. The website has defined top songs in the following categories and stuffed them accordingly. These include:

  • Top songs of the week
  • Top 100
  • Top 100 artists

11.Noise Trade

NoiseTrade, just like Jamendo, is one more front-running website for downloading full music albums. It helps encourage amateur musicians to create their original music.

Users are allowed to download the music in exchange for sharing data like email addresses and zip codes. By this means, the artist gets lots of promotions, which can have a more beneficial impact in the long term than just selling music albums.

Furthermore, users are prompted to share links to various social media platforms as far as promoting a specific artist is concerned. Their music is also encouraged through the payment of small token amounts into a “tip-jar”.

Even though the concept of tip-jar is optional, it is an excellent approach to appreciate novel, original music and come to the aid of new musicians to make solid inroads into the music world.

The website offers easy ways to discover music. There is a “Music” tab on top of the website’s homepage where you can try to find music based on genre or scroll down to look for new or trending music.

Additionally, the NoiseTrade website is also home to a decent book library containing stuff all through various genres, such as

  • Arts
  • Biographies
  • Health, History
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction

These books, too, can be downloaded from the website free of cost.


Although you may not find the most recent popular music albums by famous artists in FreeSound yet the website houses a colossal library of 230000 music tracks comprising full audio samples such as instrumental tunes, sound effects, and field recordings.

These features make FreeSound one of the most fabulous websites for users aiming to download music albums for free.

In addition, you will come across loads of podcasts and renowned radio stations playing chartbusters and all-time hits. Average music lovers may not find the website too appealing.

Still, it can be conducive for professionals working in the creative domain where the everyday need for copyright-free music samples and soundtracks for your work is essential.

The website needs registration for downloading tracks. Once you have registered to the website, you only need to click on the download button to get your work done. Similar to other music websites, FreeSound also gives you the track preview before downloading it.


Initially, Last.FM was launched as an online radio station. However, in recent times the website lets you stream or download music. Simultaneously, it provides customised suggestions by making use of a system called “Audioscrobbler.”

15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free

The tool carries out an intuitive analysis of a user’s music preferences by keeping a watch on the songs the user has listened to previously on their computers, media players, or by latching onto radio stations on the internet.

15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free

The interface of the website is neatly structured and offers various song categories such as:

  • Live charts
  • New releases
  • Coming soon

While scrolling downward, you will also run into various sub-categories classed like:

  • Top tracks
  • Top artists
  • Top new releases
  • Most loved

Albeit the majority of the music appearing on Last. FM platform can be accessed for free streaming; still, it may sometimes send iTunes purchase prompts. Further scrolling down will make you reach the option for free music downloads within a section called “Goodies.”

Download Music Albums Free – 14.YouTube By Click

It is not really a website from where you can download music. Instead, it is software which when downloaded and installed on your device, performs tasks identical to those done by the YouTube convertor, with eclectic features, and in a more improved fashion.

Utilising YouTube By Click, a veritable goldmine for free content, users can download popular music videos from the following sites.

  • YouTube
  • Dailymotion
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • SoundCloud
  • Veoh
  • Vimeo

The downloaded content is converted into different file formats, such as the following with HD/4K resolution.

  • MP3
  • MP4
  • AVI
  • FLV
  • WMV
  • MKV
  • WEBM

When it comes to YouTube, it does not permit you to carry out downloads of individual videos. Rather, it permits the download of the whole playlist and the whole video library of a particular channel.

However, YouTube By Click software allows users to execute this action with efficiency.

15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free

Download Music Albums Free – 15.SoundClick

As far as music aficionados and artists are concerned, SoundClick is just as popular as Facebook. The website allows music lovers to stream songs or downloads them in MP3 form. On the other hand, music artists can put their music on sale via the website’s built-in e-store.

15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free

The website also proffers a significant social aspect that empowers users to locate friends’ profiles along with the photos, blogs, videos, and user stations they have posted.

The platform helps make you more aware of your favourite artists. Furthermore, it helps fabricate personalized radio stations to engage in agreeable interactions with fellow music listeners.

In SoundClick, you will also come across music charts belonging to several genres. It facilitates effortless browsing in line with the artist or featured band.

In addition, SoundClick offers a sub-category called “Hot on SoundClick” to help accustom you to popular stuff on the platform.

Note that SoundClick does not allow the download of all music tracks. However, they can all be online streamed.

15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free

FAQs on music websites

Q) What are the prime elements any music website must have?

  • Contact information
  • Music samples that your website visitors can listen to
  • Links to connect with the social media
  • Means to listen to songs through online streaming and free or payable downloads
  • An in-depth biography
  • A video blog section
  • Photos
  • A way to keep track of website visitors
  • An option to sign up newsletters
  • Promotional links to several other presences across the internet

Q) What are the potential ways by which a music website makes money?

  • Advertising
  • Selling a service
  • Selling affiliate products to music lovers
  • Selling own music products

Q) Do musicians need a music website?

Most musicians are in need of a dedicated website because of the following reasons.

  • When you have your website, it gives a feeling to your fans that you are gifted, reliable, and take your career seriously.
  • Having a full-service website for your music is the best way to represent your brand with all relevant information.
  • You remain the centre of attraction where people can fully experience your talent and sense of aesthetics at work.
  • With your own website in place, you’re totally in charge of it.
  • Social media platforms may have a temporary impact on your prominence and renown. But with a website of your own, you can always sustain your relevance.

One may put up an argument as to why downloading free music is necessary when you can simply stream the music online. Although the music streaming option is a cool one but you must remember any outage in mobile or Wi-Fi connection will bring the streaming service to a halt.

That is where the importance of offline music appears. Plus, you can take your best-loved tracks along whenever or wherever you are on the move. The onus lies in you to explore and select the website that suits your unique music preferences. I hope, like this article 15 Best Sites to Download Music Albums Free.

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