Apex Legends Battle Royal Game

Apex Legends Game

Apex legends Battle Royal Game, is not a conventional battle royale, unlike other games like PubG or Fortnite. When your comrades are dead in these other battle royal games, it becomes pretty tedious to knock the enemy back alone, but this is not the case with Apex Legends.

You have various special abilities when the odds are against you—like creating a transdimensional rift and getting them from behind. Here we are with a detailed review of battle royale games Apex legends.

It has single-handedly out elevated the Battle Royale genre that most of us thought have been saturated to the fullest. What lease can be expected as the game is developed by one of the most brilliant teams of Respawn Entertainment?

Let us try to understand the game from all the perspectives that a gamer needs to know.

Apex Legends Game – Modes

Since the very beginning of the game’s launch, there have been many game modes, and let us discuss them one by one.

Apex Elite Queue

Apex Legends Game, This was more of a ranked queue where you had to get placed in the top 5 in regular queue games, and that would unlock the Apex Elite Queue, and you would have been consistent enough to stay in the top 5 to stay in Elite Queue. You would be awarded a batch that showed the number of consecutive wins.

Apex Solos:

This was pretty straightforward where everyone would be playing solo, and there will be a ton of pathfinders. However, it was peculiar to play as I am more of a Team Player.

Apex Legends GameArmed and Dangerous:

In this mode, you had Only shotguns and snipers. The fun was ruined when charge rifles were introduced, and everyone kept abusing that rifle, which was then improved quite a lot in season 2. The charge rifles were removed, there was much close shotgun combat, and everything was pretty fun.


Everyone started as a legend, and if you died, you would come back as a shadow.

The focus was pretty much on survival here.

Winter Express

This is like a round-based game where you land down and stay on a train, and when no one is left on the train or the last team to survive, you win the round. The drone healing items was a catch.

Gold Rush Duos

It had golden weapons, the care package, and it was an endurance mode. You do get crates and apex coins etc.


When you die, you could respawn when the next ring game in.

Third Person Mode

Lasted only for two days, it could have been an option in settings rather than doing this.

Always Be Closing

The ring is constantly closing in and, the last person to survive wins

Kings Canyon After Dark

We can call it a dark mode.


It was kind of a strange update where you could respawn items, and it was quiet all around. The emergency dance party was a catch here.

Deja Loot:

The ring and loot would spawn at a specific location every day.

Also, some other game modes were – Kings Canyon Season 2, Battle Armor, Armed and Dangerous Evolved, Always Be Closing Evolved, Flashpoint, Shadow Royale, Battle Royale mode etc.

X Games Apex Legends

E-sports was on the list when we looked into competitive gaming a decade ago. Still, now with increasing popularity and the prize pool, game items, and the Battle Pass, these games have outnumbered the traditional court games in large numbers.

Apex Legends made its debut at EXP Invitational in Minneapolis for the 2019 X Games. With an impressive prize pool of $150,000 and 20 teams participating, it was never anticipated to succeed on its debut.

The scoring was based on eliminations and placement. The first place in a game would grant the team 12 points, and second place earned 9 points.

Team TSM emerged victorious with their top-notch performance and gameplay throughout the tournament.

Team Reciprocity and Sentinels stood at 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Apex Legends Battle Royal Game – Size

The game has increased drastically in size with its increasing popularity and the breakthrough at X games. Apex legends game size under 25GB initially has crossed 63GB and continues on the console.

Apex Legends Game size pc is around 38GB, while standard Electronic Art EA suggests that it still requires 22GB, which is strange.

Apex Legends game size Nintendo Switch after installation is around 30GB.

The game size will constantly increase as the game developers Respawn would add new maps and game modes over the years. Let us look at Apex Legends’ download size, the system requirements and other helpful information that one must be aware of before installing the game.

Apex Legends Game – Minimum System requirements

Here are the minimum system requirements to play the game at 768p at 30fps, and there are no age restrictions:

•           OS: 64-bit Windows 7

•           GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 7730

Apex Legends Game

•           CPU: Intel Core Processor  i3-6300 3.8GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor.

•           HARD DRIVE: Minimum 22 Gb free space

•           RAM: 6GB

•           GPU RAM: 1 GB

Apex Legends Battle Royal Game – Crashing

Apex Legends Game the most common problem in a gamers life is that the game comes crashing when you are in a critical situation and becomes a nightmare when you are on the verge of winning. Everyone hates that, and why not.

Recent updates are one reason for game crashes; the bugs and release of the new patch might sometimes result in-game crashes.

You also Persistent Internet connection that is low latency and stable.

The issues vary from user to user; while some of us are struggling because of the screen freeze, others cannot join the Apex Legends match.

These problems are less seen on consoles as the updates are pretty stable, but if you are facing apex legends games crashing on your pc, then there are quite a lot of things that you need to observe.

If the issue occurred because of an update, then you might have to wait for the next update to roll out.

Let us look at some of the possible fixes to try if your issues are not mentioned above.

Apex Legends Battle Royal Game – Keeps Crashing Fixes

Solution 1:

Upgrade your drivers – A gamer needs to keep his drivers updated.

Solution 2:

Downgrade drivers – Apex legends keep crashing after an update; then your game is not compatible with the new windows update, so a better solution would be to downgrade to a restore point created.

Solution 3:

Disable G-Sync and Freesync and others – If your video card comes with sync options, then Apex legends might not support it.

Apex Legends Game

Solution 4:

Check OS and Graphics Drivers – If the above solutions do not prove helpful and apex legends keep crashing, please ensure that your windows and graphics drivers are up to date.

Solution 5:

Troubleshoot – Kindly right-clicking on the shortcut icon on your desktop, then run ‘Troubleshoot Compatibility’ before initiating the app. If the app is running, then it’s closed first or restart before running this option.

Solution 6:

Restart in Safe Mode – Please try to run the game in safe mode.

We hope that you enjoyed the Review Of Apex Legends Battle Royal Game was useful.

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