10 Best Gaming Mouse 2021.

10 Best Gaming Mouse 2021

10 Best Gaming Mouse 2021. Have you been planning on getting the best gaming mouse? If yes, make sure to first understand why you need one in the first place. The gaming mouse is designed for being exceptionally accurate, which is deemed essential for fast-paced games.

The response time of the gaming mouse is about 1ms. Thus, it enables you to read much more quickly than a regular mouse with only 4 or 6+ms as response times.

After tailoring the additional buttons and setting the DPI rating with caution, you may reprogram the gaming mouse to all the games you play.

10 Best Gaming Mouse 2021.

Gaming mouse have better sensors and can perform optimally on various types of surfaces, including glass. Customization and durability are two more benefits that you may relish on purchasing a gaming mouse.

Ten Best Gaming Mouse – Descriptions along with Pros and Cons.

1. Redragon Cobra M711 Wired 10,000 DPI Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse
Redragon Cobra M711
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Redragon Cobra M711 Wired 10000 DPI has attained widespread recognition as the best gaming mouse. It has an optical sensor equipped with high-speed motion identification and advanced tracking, both of which assure precise control.


  • The DPI can successfully be adjusted to 10000 from 100.
  • Redragon has seven programmable switches and buttons, and they enable supreme efficiency as well as productivity, meeting your diverse gaming requirements in a seamless manner.
  • Redragon is noted for its powerful drive. It has assigned custom action to almost all the buttons, which paved the way for combination keys. The delay and click times can be set. You may trigger approximately 59 actions with just one click.
  • The Redragon mouse is like no other because it’s RGB lighting offers about 16.8 colour options, which can be tailored as per one’s expectations.
  • It is compatible with Windows and MAC.


  • Might be excessively small for a few users.
  • The software can be quite difficult to comprehend.

2. Zinq Technologies 1070 LED Backlight Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse
Zinq Technologies 1070
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Zinc Technologies 1070 LED Backlight USB Gaming Mouse has been known for incorporating additional prowess as well as dexterity to one’s gaming competence, besides offering them exceptional management and precision to reach the battle.

Whether the characters are flying across the display or you are practising to accomplish your goal, this mouse responds amazingly to your actions, thus, providing you an edge inside the gaming environment.

You can go playing for hours without suffering from any sort of ache or discomfort. You can also utilize the mouse on any type of floor.


  • Zinq gaming mouse makes sure to let you enjoy an excellent gaming experience. It has four adjustable DPI and six buttons that you may configure as per your preferences.
  • Zinq has created a buzz in the market for wide compatibility. This consistent, precise, and efficient mouse is cent percent compatible with PCs, laptops, and MACs. It also works smoothly with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.
  • Zinq Technologies has presented modern-day gamers with a mouse that has a huge spectrum of almost 16 million colours. The multi colours match practically any style and create an exclusive gaming ambience while stressing your specific atmosphere. Just plug in the USB wire and play. No need to invest in extra firmware or software.


  • The bottom of the mouse is rough. Thus, it does not feel much comfortable.

3. ZEBRONICS Zeb-Clash Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse
ZEBRONICS Zeb-Clash Gaming Mouse
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Zebronics Zeb-Clash Premium USB is considered the 10 Best Gaming Mouse since it has an ergonomic design. The mouse has six buttons, including a few dedicated ones for the forward, backward, and DPI switch.

It even has a multi-coloured LED display that escalates the gaming experience to the greatest extent. The mouse has a high-resolution sensor that has a DPI switch of 800, 1600, 2400, or 3600.


  • Thanks to the ergonomic design, the mouse does not inflict any sort of pain.
  • The six buttons enable you to play the game in a hassle-free manner.
  • The multi-coloured LED display allows you to enjoy the entire gaming environment.


  • The sensor brightens up and mixes with the RGB, distorting the colours.

4. Logitech G502 Hero High-Performance Wired Gaming Mouse

10 Best Gaming Mouse 2021
Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Hero High-Performance Wired Gaming Mouse has impressed a major segment of the population thanks to its excellent tracking accuracy.

The custom game profiles are another benefit that lets the players truly enjoy their game.


  • Owing to the fastest frame processing rate, the gaming mouse is able to support almost 400+ IPS across a DPI range between 100 and 25600. It ensures zero smoothings, acceleration, and filtration. 
  • Hero mouse acquires extreme precision level and most amazing responsiveness. Just tailor your DPI settings before playing using the Logitech G Hub.
  • You can easily program your most preferred commands and the macros to every eleven buttons – crouch, build, heel, etc. Have all your powerful moves at your hands. Save the ready-to-play profiles directly to the mouse by simply changing the settings. 
  • The Lightsync technology is a unique RGB that can be quite successfully driven by audio, games, or even your own screen. This, by the way, delivers the most immersive gaming experience.
  • Select from a wide collection of colours and synchronize the light animations and other effects with the Logitech devices. Modify it using the G Hub.


  • Quite expensive.
  • The packaging is not top-notch.

5. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse
Corsair Harpoon Gaming Mouse
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Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is rightly perceived by several gamers as the 10 Best Gaming Mouse 2021. It, after all, lets them choose how they would like to play along with the capacity to connect easily to the PC via the super-fast Slipstream Wireless Technology.

Corsair mouse also boasts of USB and Bluetooth connectivity.


  • The foremost advantage of the Corsair gaming mouse is its lightweight construction. You can play with this mouse for as long you want without getting tired. The rubber grips and contoured shape ensure long-term comfort. 
  • You are free to select from multiple sets of phenomenal custom lighting presets as well as effects. You may also create your own animation. 
  • You are in a position to call the shots thanks to the six programmable buttons, powerful macros, and remaps. They all offer an in-game benefit.
  • Corsair Harpoon gaming mouse has an incredibly simple setup procedure that lets you play quite fast. You just have to connect the adapter to the USB port and switch the device on. You can also connect with the USB wire or low latency Bluetooth.


  • One cannot fit any other USB cord for charging the mouse.

6. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-M Optical USB Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse
Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-M Optical USB Gaming Mouse
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Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-M Optical USB has made its place in the contemporary market as the 10 Best Gaming Mouse 2021. It is an ideal choice for newbies as well as experienced gamers. The mouse is equipped with media keys, laser keycaps, and a gold-plated USB.

Zebronics Mouse has a breathing LED display that works efficiently on all types of surfaces; obviously, they must have an excellent precision sensor.


  • The breathing LED of Zebronics Mouse has approximately seven colours, which you may choose as per your preference. 
  • The Zebronics Mouse has an immensely compact shape and ergonomic design so that you can hold it in your hand for a prolonged period without any hassle. 
  • The dedicated buttons are of top-notch quality and ensure the best possible gaming performance.


  • The keys are not quite tactile. It takes extreme effort to press the spacebar button. 
  • At times, the input is not registered, or it gets stuck almost four times in twenty-four hours. 
  • The packaging is not good.

7. MFTEK Tag 1 2000 DPI LED Backlit Wired Gaming Mouse

MFTEK Tag 1 2000 DPI Gaming Mouse
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In a world where individuals want their online actions to happen in milliseconds, MFTEK Tag 1 2000 DPI LED Backlit Wired Mouse gets the job done within microseconds.

The surface has allowed the mouse to gain much more popularity. In order to improve the grip, the surface is equipped with an anti-sweat and anti-slip texture.


  • MFTEK Tag is the best gaming mouse since it fits into your hand quite seamlessly. The manufacturers have put special focus on the ergonomic design features. 
  • All six keys support the total macro setting. The DPI ranges vary between 800 and 2000 and are of varying colours.


  • The internals exhibit glitches before the warranty period.

8. Evo Fox (by Amkette) Phantom Wired Mouse

Evo Fox (by Amkette) Phantom
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Evo Fox Phantom Mouse is perceived as the Best Gaming Mouse since it has seven programmable buttons and four colour RGB lights.

The mouse is tested by about five million switch strokes, and the braided cable allows the mouse to become all the more durable.


  • The biggest benefit of Evo Fox Gaming Mouse is that it can be customized as per user requirements and expectations. 
  • Evo Fox mouse has a dedicated application to Windows. 
  • It assures a precise and satisfactory gaming experience by supporting about 4800 DPI, 125Hz polling rate, and 15g acceleration.


  • The buttons cannot be programmed other than the functions assigned to them.

9. SHAYONAM FASHION Wired USB Gaming Mouse

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SHAYONAM FASHION Wired USB is considered the 10 Best Gaming Mouse 2021 in recent times. The fast thumb action enables you to browse the web quite seamlessly.

The 500Hz polling rate assures smooth motion along with credible connectivity as well as tracking. The mouse would fit in your hand without cramping the fingers in any way.


  • SHAYONAM FASHION customizes the RGB lights and has three adjustable DPI switch speeds, namely 800, 1200, and 1600.  You will be able to regulate the speed without any sort of hassle. There is no need for any driver or plugin. 
  • Owing to having six extra buttons, SHAYONAM FASHION Wired USB gaming mouse is quite easy to use. The scroll wheel meets your demands for different types of games. 
  • The seven multi colours match all styles and create an exceptionally fancy gaming ambience and stress your own atmosphere.


  • Does not function as efficiently as other gaming mouse.

10. Razer DeathAdder Essential – Wired Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse
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You may kick start an appropriate gaming rig thanks to the Razer DeathAdder Essential right-handed wired gaming mouse. Equipped with a 6400 optical sensor, it allows you to have cent percent control.

You can make fast and accurate swipes. The ergonomic form helps your play to continue for hours without any hassle. The mouse also has five hyper response buttons with ten million clicks.


  • Proven excellent performance.
  • The distinctive shape is designed for prolonged hours of gaming.
  • The mouse has award-winning technology.


  • The left click sometimes does not work properly.
  • Creating a separate user account can be discomforting for some users.

When Choosing a Gaming Mouse: The Buying Guide

Owing to a plethora of options readily available, choosing a gaming mouse can be quite difficult. Rather than arriving at a decision suddenly, you must contemplate as much as possible.

You would not want to waste your hard-earned money on something inferior, right? Three things to consider before the purchase are as follows:

• Play Styles

The requirements for the 10 Best Gaming Mouse 2021 rely on the type of game you are planning on playing. The game that you wish to play will also influence the features that you would consider most significant for a gaming mouse.

For instance, the MMO and RTS gamers need extra buttons that can be ascribed to macros and alternative functions much more than the FPS gamers, who concentrate on speed and precision.

• Sensor Type

Selecting an optical sensor for the overall gaming experience will completely depend on your personal likes and dislikes. Gamers are categorized into whether or not to use sensors and lasers. Well, the ones using the former do not tend to lag.

• Weights

The weight is also an essential consideration because your capacity to enjoy the gaming style relies on it. In case you flick your mouse, the weight will obviously matter.

The right gaming mouse boasts of adjustable weight that can be eliminated or added by the user.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gaming Mouse

There are plenty of questions that you may put forward while purchasing a gaming mouse. Mentioned below are two frequently asked queries that manufacturers from all across the globe usually get.

Q) Does the Gaming Mouse Has Third-Party Driver Compatibility?

Ans. So, what exactly is third-party driver compatibility? No one has an exact answer to this, unfortunately.

Not even Google! This basically involves whether or not a gaming mouse can manage the software that triggers its capacity to be exceptionally customizable.

The downloadable programs such as the Estone x9 are software that allows you to program the buttons of a particular product.

Most gaming mice that come with such programmable features also need their own software to be completely utilized. The total amount of programmability depends only on the gaming mouse.

Q) Is the Quality Better Than Style?

Ans. Although the gamers may prefer to have a fashionable-looking mouse, it is usually one of the last considerations. You need to first focus on the quality that the brands offer because only a quality mouse can last for a prolonged period.

Bottom Line

Even though the 10 Best Gaming Mouse 2021 is not cheap, it is worth the money you spend. Also, such products are considered an asset for PC gamers of all kinds.

To select the best mouse for your playing style, you first have to contemplate your varied gaming preferences, additional features that you cannot go without, and your overall budget.

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