Premiere Elements 2022 New Fun Features.

Premiere Elements 2022 New Fun Features

Premiere Elements 2022 New Fun Features. The process of video editing, which might be difficult, is made as straightforward as possible with the help of Adobe Premiere Elements 2022. Many of us would rather spend our time making and sharing entertaining and meaningful videos of our lives and their people than spend years learning complex technologies like Adobe Premiere Pro. This is where Adobe Premiere Elements shines, thanks to a user-friendly interface, simple-to-use tools, and some unique artistic flair. Adobe Premiere Elements

Newcomers may rapidly fix their movies and learn more advanced workflows with the interface’s three tabs: Quick, Guided, and Expert. More experienced users can use the interface’s sophisticated and even powerful features through the Expert tab.

There are a few new and improved features in Premiere Elements 2022, but a few of them are so valuable that they alone will draw the attention of family and hobby videographers.

The new features in Adobe Premiere Elements 2022

Reframing your videoPremiere Elements 2022 New Fun Features.

For example, if you select an aspect ratio other than the original, black borders will be added to your movie. To keep the action from being cut off, edges are necessary. An additional option is to use the reframing tool included with Adobe Sensei AI to pack the frame with the most crucial parts of your video. Cropping will be used to remove any extraneous material.

What if you want to use a horizontal clip to build a vertical project? It’s Sensei’s job to assess the horizontal clip and keep the standing crop focused on the action that matters most.

Because not every primary action frame fits inside the chosen aspect ratio, I’ve found that it occasionally omits crucial details. On the other hand, Sensei AI reframing simplifies the process of combining videos with various aspect ratios into a smooth, visually appealing product. Just remember to shoot wide and leave a lot of free space around the main action of your videos if you want it to perform best.

Better support for vertical videosPremiere Elements 2022 New Fun Features.

An automated aspect ratio adjustment will now be made when you open vertical video clips in a new project. It’s also worth noting that any vertical project will automatically resize all components, such as titles, mattes, or backdrops. This new feature will be famous, given how many people capture videos while holding their phones in an awkward position.

Two new guided edits

In Premiere Elements 2022, the Guided Edits function makes it easier for users to pick up the fundamentals of video editing. Using the Expert tab, you’ll be able to work on your videos, with pop-ups to help you. Guided Edits can help you understand what may initially seem hard, but explanations are sometimes absent. The idea is to learn without distractions.

Consider a video that seems excellent but is too dark or dull to share. It begins with the clip being opened and placed on the timeline, then using the Shadows and Highlights tool before playing the movie to evaluate the effect and export it. After you’ve applied the settings, there’s no information on how to make changes to them.

In Premiere Elements 2022, a new Guided Edit called “Adjust Shadows and Highlights” makes it easier for users to become familiar with the program’s most important controls and sliders. Guided Overlays is a less new severe Guided Edit: It shows you how to put animated butterflies, bokeh lights, snowflakes, or cloud animations to your film.

Organizing Media

Organizer, Photoshop Elements, and Premiere Elements may all be accessed from the Home screen in Premiere Elements, which opens in a different window. GIFs have been improved in the 2022 release, and you can now play them in the Organizer. Import, rate, tag, and share media in the Organizer app, a different app. In the Organizer, you can select from various modes, such as Media, People, Place, and Events. You can use the last three to get a fresh perspective on your media collection. The Organizer’s Instant Fix button only works for photographs, and the Places view only works for photos. On the other hand, it has become a great deal less complicated and significantly more effective due to these alterations.

With a few clicks, you may narrow your search by using the Smart Tags, People, Places, Dates, Categories, and Star Rating options displayed on the left side of the screen. You can hunt up, for example, photos of Joe Smith taken in September in New York City by combining several types of searches. Video content can benefit from the automatic object and person labeling. Face tagging wasn’t available in my video clips, which were full of grins, despite the program’s ability to discover and recognize items.

Premiere Elements 2022 New Fun Features.

Premiere Elements is lacking in the stock media offered to its customers compared to other video editing software such as CyberLink PowerDirector and Wondershare Filmora. Because Adobe has its stock image repository, Adobe Stock, is even more perplexing. In addition, amateurs and YouTubers are likely to find it quite helpful. Limiting the gallery to only show videos, photos, or audio would be something I’d like to see made simpler. In contrast to other programs, this one requires you to navigate the menu system to access the setting. It’s not just the full-fledged Organizer that includes these features.

Auto CreationsPremiere Elements 2022

After importing about one thousand videos and images, the home screen presented more than a dozen Auto Creations that had been made using my content. Collages benefited from minor cropping and switching of the photos. Using my test media, the feature generated a variety of video slideshows with varying levels of interest, all with smooth transitions and eye-catching backdrops. Some of these images had a good soundtrack, although it was often abruptly cut off rather than faded out. Some of them were also absurdly short. However, you might use the project as a springboard for new ideas.

Premiere Elements 2022 New Fun Features.

Quick Mode Edits Your Clips for You

In Quick mode, you don’t have to navigate through a confusing labyrinth of tracks and controls to mix video clips, add titles and transitions, adjust the picture, add soundtracks, or apply effects. If you’re searching for a view of clips comparable to the storyboard in iMovie, this is it. You may easily navigate through your movie and apply freeze-frames and rotations using a scrubber. Clip thumbnails feature Smart Trim and speed-altering controls. Adding music is as simple as pressing a button, and you have control over how fast or slow it plays.

Auto ReframePremiere Elements 2022

The most important new function introduced with the 2022 release was Auto Reframe. Changing the aspect ratio of a video clip with this method requires cropping the video, as the method’s name suggests. To accomplish this, the application uses Adobe’s Sensei, which is their version of artificial intelligence (AI). You can see that it worked relatively instantly in the clip that I’ve provided here. In contrast to my earlier attempts using identical capabilities in Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut, it maintained the person’s position at the center of the frame. You can view the footage in its original aspect ratio by using the trimmer tool located to the right of the screen. If you aren’t happy with the results, you may adjust the crop using the Applied FX panel, which is on the right side of the screen.

Premiere Elements 2022 New Fun Features.

Smart Trim

Smart Trim in Premiere Element analyzes and removes low-quality areas of your media at once. The sections of the clips that are kept depend on the style selections made, such as People, Action, and Mix. For my bike stunt test film, it immediately picked action and provided trim ideas without me having to wait. You can check out the trims before making a final decision. One short segment was dull, and other farther-away bike maneuvers were not featured. However, the app did an excellent job of selecting the busiest locations, and It also improved the quality of the video by removing out-of-focus and choppy areas. To remove a handle, press the Delete key, and it will disappear from the list. Smart Trim comes in handy when you’ve got a lot of material that will not be of much use to you.

Candid MomentsPremiere Elements 2022

This tool, which can be found in the Tools/Video group of the Toolbar, features both a Quick mode and an Expert option for users to choose from. Before you can use it, you must first decide which video clip or clips you want to use. The tool is looking for well-lit, sharply focused faces. It did a great job of picking out the best shots from my video tour of the office. In addition to the slider, you can also click on a tool at the cursor to add a new photo at any time.

Pick the perfect aspect ratio.

With no loss of quality, you may crop, resize, and export your videos in whatever aspect ratio you like. Additionally, include non-horizontal video motion titles, backdrops, and mattes.

Auto-reframe your subject

Easy video resizing for social media and other uses while maintaining focus on the most critical elements of action.

Make precise selections

For example, brighten your topic or blur the background by selecting a specific object or area and applying an effect that tracks across your film.

See effects in real-time.

With GPU-accelerated performance increases, you can see high-quality playback of numerous effects without faster rendering first—and crop films.

Premiere Elements 2022 New Fun Features.

Improve grainy videos

Low-lighting your video? Simply dragging and dropping the Reduce Noise effect will sharpen the image.

Match music length to video

You can choose any music file, and it will be automatically remixed to meet the length of your film, resulting in a natural sound that is always the perfect fit. Adobe Sensei powers the app.

Smart Trim

Smart Trim analyzes the style of your video to identify and group the best clips. Adobe Sensei powers the app.

Easy edits in Quick mode

Using the Sceneline, you can combine clips, photographs, titles, and more to create a unique production in a matter of seconds.

Candid Moments

Are there any moments you wish you could have documented with a camera in your life? Your raw video footage can now be automatically converted into stunning images.

Reduce Grainy NoisePremiere Elements 2022

It’s another example of a photo editing tool brought into video editing with the Reduce Noise tool. The application can add noise as an effect, but there has never been a way to remove it. You won’t be sorry you tried it. The tool’s options pop up when you drag the Reduce Noise icon from the FX menu to the right. There are just three levels of noise suppression available: low, medium, and high. You can smooth out grainy pictures, but it won’t make a noisy clip great.

When you reduce graininess from your video, you lose some crisp detail, although this is less of an issue than it is with images in most cases of noise reduction. There is no Noise Reduction applied to the left side of this image, whereas the right side has the feature turned on. The tool, as you can see, performs reasonably well.

Auto Smart TonePremiere Elements 2022

Auto Smart Tone is a function found in Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. It shows a control puck in a rectangle with four extremes in thumbnails at the corners of the preview window, toward which you can slide the puck and refine the app’s correction. When editing a clip with Premiere Elements, the tool can identify and repair comparable scenes simultaneously. Using the tool, I improved the lighting in a test clip significantly.


Premiere Elements remains an excellent choice for newbies and more experienced users alike as a consumer video-editing program. Our recommendation for upgrading to Premiere Elements 2022 is based on the new aspect ratio options, reframing tools, and Shadows & Highlights Guided Edits. They’ve made this year a nice one to encourage newbies to download the trial edition and determine if it’s time to buy Premiere Elements. Hope you like this article Premiere Elements 2022 New Fun Features.


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