Top 15 Photo Editing Services| Each Photographer Needs in 2021.

Top 15 Photo Editing Services Each Photographer Needs in 2021

Top 15 Photo Editing Services. Photography allows us to express ourselves without restrictions. Photography allows us to capture scenes as we see them and preserve their beauty for years to come. Photo Editing Services have a similar concept: online photo editing services come with a range of editing options that allow you to edit and modify photos you upload to them.

The changes could be as light as adding a sepia tint to the photo for an older, vintage theme or even extensive image post-production to bump up the quality and beauty of the image.

With the sheer number of photo editing services available online today, you can easily hire one of these services for prices as low as $1.25 per image.

Criteria to Help You Choose an Image Editing Service

Trying to find the Top 15 Photo Editing Services Each Photographer Need in 2021 among the thousands of options you see online can prove to be a mighty task even for experts in photography.

Every service says they’re the best, but which one should you choose? Should you keep risks minimal and go for a cheap service, or invest heavily and go for the most expensive option?

In reality, making that choice isn’t so easy. It would help you if you considered several factors before choosing a service, like:

  • Turnaround: Speed is an important thing to look for. Make sure the service you choose delivers your images within a day or two in the case of multiple images.
  • Cost Efficiency: The first lesson in online pricing is that quality doesn’t always come expensive. If you do your research, you can easily find a good quality photo editing service that offers cheap pricing.
  • Quality: Though this doesn’t need to be said, check up on a service’s performance quality with a single image before hiring them for multiple photos.
  • Customer Support: Sometimes, faults in communication can lead to wrong editing. In those cases, it’s essential to have a company that will keep up communication and get the image closer to your expectations.
  • Site Content: Photo editing services that have been in the field for some time will sometimes have informational blogs. The content’s reliability is often an exhibition of the service’s commitment to impressing its customers.

Choosing A Photo Editing Service: Popular Choices for Individuals

Top Photo Editing Services For Photographers

Many people don’t understand that if you want to make the perfect choice in photo editing services, the 1st thing you should first lookup is a list of famous services known for providing a good combination of cost efficiency and service quality.

This helps you choose without much delay, as you can apply both the guidelines above and your own needs to the decision.

Here is the list of Top 15 Photo Editing Services Each Photographer Need in 2021:


FixThePhoto stands as the most popular image editing service you can hire today, and for a good reason too. Their services are reputed to be top-notch, while also cheap enough to start using their basic plans for hardly any cost.

The service specializes in retouching portraits, products, wedding, and real estate photos. Their versatility makes them very popular among both individuals organizing social events

and businesses who need photo editing.

FixThePhoto is also highly affordable, with prices starting from $2 for retouching services and only $0.2 for photo editing. You can look through their before/after examples on their site to get an idea of their quality or send an image for a free quote.


  • FixThePhoto is known for its portrait retouching and can make any portrait image look vibrant.
  • According to customer reviews, FixThePhoto offers superior quality of work in colors, white balance, and contrast.

2.Wedding-Retouching Photo Editing Services

A service that focuses on helping wedding photographers with significant backlogs of wedding photos, Wedding-Retouching optimized their service to provide a more than the reasonable quality of service at breakneck turnaround speeds.

Wedding-Retouching only accepts images under 50MB, reasonably large file size for medium to high-res cameras. A single image takes around two days to be processed by the service.

Pricing plans differ on what you want, with plans like Culling, Simple Edit, Advanced Edit, and Color Correction available. A high-quality edit of a portrait image takes around $5, making the service affordable as well.


  • Wedding-Retouching focuses on enhancing facial features and makeup for beautiful pictures and keeps darker shadows to bring out the vibrant-looking people.
  • They have a professional blog available with several recommendations, advice, and suggestions for people looking to hire photo editing services.

3.Clipping Path India

Clipping Path India is undoubtedly one of the Top 15 Photo Editing Services Each Photographer Needs in 2021 to come out of India. They have an excellent reputation as an editing service for enhancing your product images.

Clipping Path is an online business that hires retouchers from around the globe, meaning that it’s also among the fastest photo editing services you’ll find. According to customer reviews, Clipping Path delivers quotes and image details within only an hour of you submitting the original image.

However, they also come with a small caveat: the service quality suffers a little when portrait retouching or editing.


  • Clipping Path India’s inherent low prices make them perfect for E-Commerce websites.
  • The service has more than 300 retouchers and editors, meaning you can ask for a wide variety of editing styles and changes to your image.


While FixiPixi is well known for their photo retouching services, they are another company made unique by the field they specialize in. FixiPixi is the best editing service you can find for retouching jewellery images!

Yes, you heard that right. Most of FixiPixi’s projects are product image editing services, but by and large, FixiPixi focuses on jewellery, product, and real estate image retouching. You can get most of the site’s services at the low price of $0.29 per image.

Like many services that focus more on product image retouching, FixiPixi might not be the best service to get if the majority of your images are portraits.


  • FixiPixi’s specialty is helping online jewelry showrooms get the best and most vibrant images for their beautiful jewelry pieces.
  • Their low prices make FixiPixi the service of choice for real estate agencies dealing with many smaller properties.


Don’t let their website’s slightly outdated design throw you off: ReTouchUp is a solid photo retouching and editing service for people looking for reasonable quality.

Their services are available in three different plans: Complete, Complete Plus, and Special Service Retouch, which cost $2.5, $5, and 10$, respectively. For portrait editing, this is an affordable price, and especially so given their high quality.

ReTouchUp offers far superior image processing quality than many other services and specializes in working with photo studios to enhance their images.

Strangely, you can only access the order-placement section after making an account, where you need to provide a lot of personal information. Their customer service makes up for this in both friendliness, professionality, and helpfulness.


  • ReTouchUp is a reliable and high-quality service for images that need color correction. This stands more accurate for portraits as they specialize in making skin look lifelike and vibrant.
  • ReTouchUp is a solid choice for you if you’re starting in photography, as they offer low prices and a low processing time of around three days.

6.Image Work India

Image Work India is a portrait retouching and editing service that has proven it’s worth time and again. Offering a professional team of photo editors and retouchers, Image Work India works almost exclusively with model portraits and famous photo studios.

Their service is geared towards photographers who need major work done in skin color correction, perfecting skin textures and even enhancing body curves through different lighting sources.  This photo editing service for fashion photographers starts at just $0.99 per image


  • Image Work India is the only service that has successfully combined customer bases made of high-end fashion magazines and individuals who want to beautify a single image.
  • The famous photo editing service offers to deliver your edited image in no more than 24 hours

7.Color Experts BD Photo Editing Services

ColorExpertsBD is one of the cheapest photo editing services you’ll find on the Internet. Seasonal sales, combined with an already low price for each image, make them perfect for people looking for savings.

Their speciality is using shadows and various other effects to manipulate face structure as much as possible. The introduction of new shadows can make pointed noses look less so, and ColorExpertsBD also provides a medium-quality skin tone and colour correction service.

If you want to hire them for your image editing needs, you’ll have to face a couple of shortcomings, like an unintuitive site design and a slightly long process of setting up an FTP account for batch orders.


  • ColorExpertsBD is the best service to pick if you want significant changes done to the face in a close-up portrait.
  • You can take advantage of their frequent seasonal sales to have several images processed in no time.

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8.Vector People

Vector People is possibly one of the most famous names when it comes to photo restorations. This editing and restoration service does almost exclusive work bringing old and faded photos back to life. They even provide the same service for damaged or corrupted digital photos.

What makes this service unique is the fact that unlike everybody else, they specialize in working with analogue photos taken with old-fashioned cameras. People with old family photos will definitely want to give this service a call.

That’s not to say they’re not good at retouching services though. Vector People’s $10 per image retouching service is known for focusing on enhancing colors, making any digital photo look vibrant and lifelike. 

Top 15 Photo Editing Services


  • Vector People is one of the few studios who can convert black-and-white images to color images while still retaining a lifelike quality.
  • With medium rates, considerably fast turnover and impeccable quality, Vector People is the perfect choice for photo restoration outsourcing.

9.Retouching Zone

Retouching Zone is optimized to work best for beginners to photo editing, with a website that has a clean and functional look. The service is directed towards product image editing and retouching, but they also perform portrait retouching services on request.

The best part about the Retouching Zone is that they strive to improve their service continuously. They’re among the best names in product image editing and combine low prices with beautiful product retouching services.

They beautify, enhance and optimize image angles for prices ranging from $0.24 to $10 per image.


  • Depending on the plan you paid for, the Retouching Zone will go as far as removing mannequins in clothes and changing awkward angles to beautify the image.
  • Website designed of Retouching Zone is customer-friendly and offers details about their prices and large-sized before/after examples of their work.


One of the most modern and user-friendly image editing services out there, WeEdit.Photos take a natural, less-invasive approach to editing and retouching photos. You can submit your photos to this service using either Dropbox or Email.

The image editing services cost from $2 to $10, depending on your chosen pricing plan. However, it should be said that even the $2 pricing is an excellent deal and suffixes for when you need beautification for a particular photo. 

The company also has a reasonable turnaround rate, as they, by and large, deliver the finished result the next day.


  • WeEditPhotos removes shadows and enhances natural face details, making them a good choice for portrait editing.
  • They also have the massive advantage of having a lot of information available on their website, with before/after examples and lists of changes made by the service.

11.Paper Boat Creative

Paper Boat Creative is a professional photo editing service that has worked with high-end brands like Shoes of Prey and Fit PRO. Paper Boat offer a wide range of editing services, with clean and sharp example images of all their services.

PBC is one of the only services on this list that shine equally at product image editing and portrait retouching, something they have a reputation for. Their product images look clean, unsophisticated, and appealing, while their portraits are easily some of the most natural editings you’ll find.

Top 15 Photo Editing Services


  • The service’s high-end skin editing techniques make it uniquely suited for portrait photographers’ editing services.
  • Paper Boat Creative is also one of the few services that offer advanced services like Background Editing, Invisible Mannequin, Shadow Manipulation, and Compositing at affordable prices.

12.Pixel By Hand

E-Commerce websites and online vendors make up a large part of the Internet economy. Pixel By Hand is a photo editing service aimed exclusively towards these websites, as they’re the only service on this list that exclusively performs product image editing.

They have an affordable rate at $1.85 per image, changing depending on the services you want. Pixel By Hand also clearly cares about what customers think of them, as they have a very professionally designed website with clearly available details about their services and fees.


  • Customer reviews and industry professionals agree on the fact that Pixel By Hand offers high-quality product image beautification.
  • Pixel By Hand will also edit a single image you send them for free so that you can get a clear example of their services for yourself.

13.Allô Victor

Allô Victor is a French retouching and image editing company that has made a name for itself with some of the best image editing services you can find. They are known for being clean and stylistic and offer services that meet professional standards.

Something that makes this company a hidden gem is that they don’t spend a lot on advertising, instead preferring to work with a small number of high-end clients who use their services regularly. A slight downside is due to unclear pricing plans; you’ll probably have to contact the owners to know about the editing costs of an image.


  • Allô Victor is your service of choice for Photo Restoration, as they can produce clean reproductions of badly damaged photographs.
  • Their professionality is also a big plus. Interactions are kept professional, and both turnaround speeds and quality of work are kept at exceptional levels.

Top 15 Photo Editing Services

14.Global Photo Edit

What makes Global Photo Edit so noticeable isn’t their extremely high service quality or quick turnaround times. It’s the fact that Global Photo Edit is the only company on this list to have stunning 100% positive reviews.

The service offers a free trial that you can use to check out the quality of their images, with actual prices going as far as $1.25 for image editing.


  • Global Photo Edit specializes in complicated photos, making them very popular with fashion magazines and professional models.
  • On request, the service can speed up the processing of your image. Of course, this might incur additional fees.

15.OMS Photo

OMS Photo is probably the most well-known of the Top 15 Photo Editing Services Each Photographer Need in 2021 names on this list. This service is not only famous in the photography industry for its reliability. It also offers some of the quickest and highest quality image retouching services.

One of the most significant reasons for their fame is that OMS Photo has often worked with famous brands like Gillette and Hershey’s. They have years of experience in making your photos look as beautiful as possible. Of course, all of this comes with a single disadvantage: higher rates than other services. For photographers who want to elevate their photos, a single image can cost $50 to $450.


  • Some of the cleanest and most professional results in the entire industry.
  • The service’s in-house team consists of photographers and retouchers, enabling them to understand your needs and instructions better.

Frequently Asked Questions About Photo Editing Services

What Are the Benefits of Using Photo Editing?

Photo Editing isn’t just a pleasant hobby for photographers who want that extra sharpness to their image. Today, photo editing has become popular among both individuals and businesses for its immense utility and value.

Today, image editing processes are commonly outsourced to a skilled and reputed service that provides high-quality image enhancement at competitively low prices.

Some of the benefits of using Photo Editing Services to touch up your photos are:

  1. Outsourcing Image Editing Saves Time: Photographers who work in the field for a living often have a shortage of time. Different projects, photoshoots, and models take up their entire day. A photo editing service online helps them save time by outsourcing their image editing to a team of skilled professionals.
  2. They Provide Services At Amazing Speeds: One of the best parts of using a photo editing service is that these services perform their magic amazingly fast. In some cases, if your photo only needs minor editing, you can even get your edited and enhanced image within only two days!
  3. Using A Photo Editing Services Lets, You Save on Expenses: Professional editors use software like Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and GIMP to edit photos, alongside other software for more minor changes. Buying proper legal licensing for this software can easily cost you vast amounts of money. Instead, choose to outsource them to an image editing service.

Before you go out and hire the first image editing service you see on the Internet, you should take a moment to think about what your priorities are. A little research can help you decide on the image editing service you’re going to outsource your editing needs to.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Using A Photo Editing Service?

In the end, it’s not the benefits listed here that should make using a photo editing service worth it for you. Before you hire the first service you see, it’s always best to evaluate the current state of your photography career and ask yourself if you need the services of a reliable editing and retouching service.

Evaluating your needs should always remain a priority because photo editing services are expensive (which they aren’t) or that they’re a hassle to deal with (most services are accessible and streamlined). It’s because of the simple fact that you shouldn’t invest in something that you don’t need!

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